by | Jan 19, 2005

I’m so tired, I must not have slept properly because I’ve been exhausted all day… hmm – amazing how a good session always makes me feel better though – I had a new sub come and see me this morning, which was lots of fun.

I’ve also been organising a good sub friend of mine – molly to come in on an extended full latex enclosure and heavy bondage session that I’m doing (hopefully) tomorrow night. It should be really fun – especially with her involved! I’ll have to get her to take some photos for me – after all as slave is into total encasement and multiple hoods there shouldn’t be any problems with discretion!

Had lunch with badpauly in Newtown and then went back to the dungeon for another photo shoot for the advertisement I’m putting in DDI… eep! Must finish writing the copy!

Oh – and in quizzland – Hahaha!
You are a double espresso at 3 AM.
You are a double espresso at three AM.
You are the tortured, nail-biting essence of
coffee. You see visions. You could change the
world if only you were up at the same time as
everyone else. You have created a programming
language that throws errors if the code is not
written in iambic pentameter, and you are
infuriated by the typos in the new edition of
Ulysses. You practice sarcasm as a
form of tantric sex, and your cats have
doctorates. You believe in virgin sacrifice in
a good cause.

What kind of coffee are you?
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