First day back!

by | Jan 5, 2005

Well it was great to get back in the dungeon yesterday!

My first session for the New Year was an intro – often something I really enjoy, though as I was writing on the Hang at Max Fisch there are generally two different sorts of intros – one is the person who’s been fantasising about submitting to a Dominant woman for a long time, the other tends to be someone who’s bored and wants to try something a bit different.

Both of which are perfectly good motivations, but generally I get on a lot better with the first sort… While I have had great fun introducing the curious to BDSM – they do tend to be more surprised when I tell them “No, I’m really not going to take my clothes off” or whatever – I guess they’re expecting something more like a fantasy escort… which is fine – just not me!

However yesterday’s session was really fun – and I suspect he’s going to be thinking about it for a while.

Busy day today – looks like people missed me while I was away 😉