My secret music vice…

by | Feb 6, 2005

Okay – I have to admit it – I’m a closet Kylie fan… I was given the Greatest Hits CD for xmas and am going to go to the concert! Hehehe – I’ve not been to a big dancing girls and stuff show before, all the concerts I’ve seen like Prodigy, Hole, PJ Harvey, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds etc etc have been more rough and not so likely to include mirror balls, sequins and dancing boys… so it should be very fun!

Though the timing is funny – just a couple of days after I get back from the States… and a day or two before Inquisition! Too much fun as they say 😉

Such a nice sunny day today – lots of “spring” cleaning at the dungeon – getting to all those bits that don’t get mopped after every session (like skirting boards and corners where the mop doesn’t reach) took my dog to the dog park where she ran around and did a lot of sniffing 🙂

Then drank beer! Hehehe

Nice to have a day off (even if I was catching up on some dungeon stuff) – particularly for my feet! Sad though this may be for a lot of my subs – I spent all day walking around in baby pink Birkies 😀 instead of my usual extreme fetish heels! Much as I love my heels, I need to let my calves stretch out from time to time – or Ms Foot Fetish podiatrist will be cross with me 😉