by | Feb 16, 2005

I heard from one of my very favourite subs yesterday – he doesn’t live in Australia – so our playtime has tended to be snatched here and there… one time he came to Salon Kittys between flights – cab to SK from the airport, a session, then cab back to the airport!

Anyway, we’ve had a few plans that have been foiled by work etc – so I haven’t seen him since before I left SK 15 months ago…

This time he was lucky – he just catches me back from the States!

But I’m really looking forward to it – this time extended session with lots and lots of caning! I have some photos from SK that I’ve not put on the website cause they’re a bit scary… hehehe maybe I’ll organise a video – that would be fun 😉

Sadly I’ve got three months to wait – but I’m sure I’ll get to stripe plenty of bottoms between now and then!