Fun and shopping

by | Mar 24, 2005

Well today’s sunshine was nice after the last couple of days – I hope everyone’s grateful to me – it was sunny because I took a heap of towels home to put in the dryer… that trick always works!

I had a fantastic session today with someone who’s an experienced submissive who’d seen quite a few of my friends at Salon Kittys but our paths hadn’t crossed when I was there… He wanted to hand himself over to me to see where I took him with minimal direction on his part – which doesn’t always work in a first session – but because he’d put together some information on his previous sessions I was able to get plenty of ideas!

I had a lot of fun with a mix of different things though as is often the case there was a fair bit of nipple torture, some anal play, bondage and a golden shower at the end…

I wore my new black and red latex skirt from Polymorphe – I love it but am finding it a bit of a challenge – I’m not used to something so restrictive! I have a tendency to climb around a bit in session – up onto the bench next to my sub etc and with this skirt I either have to hike it up in an unseemly fashion or slide myself up sort of sidesaddle! Plus I can’t kick properly 🙁 I guess it just will take me a bit of time to get used to…

I went shopping for a new toy too… has anyone noticed that there are hardly any Army disposal stores anymore?! How terrible…. the one that used to be on Parramatta Road at Camperdown is closed – as are all but one of the ones that used to be on George street… I was talking to the guys in one of them who said there’s no money in disposal anymore 🙁 I guess you have to go further out.

How hilarious are those fantasy knives and “swords” in some of the knife/gun shops! I managed not to snicker too loud at all the semi-daggy looking guys examining the “samurai swords” and stuff.

Japanese for dinner – mmm – japanese!