Salon Kittys

by | Mar 1, 2005

People often ask me about why I left Salon Kittys – and how I feel about Mistress Amanda and the other ladies…

I’ve been thinking about this – because I saw David and Amanda at Rubber Ball and was so impressed with the wonderful performance they and the ladies put together. Also discussing my SK heritage with Tim and David from Skin Two/DDI…

I loved my time at Salon Kittys – and regularly refer people to them for things I don’t specialise in – there are so many wonderful Mistresses and submissives there… and of course if you want a session “NOW” – just rock up to the door – not like seeing me, where the more notice the better because I am usually booked up!

I had a lovely personal email from Mistress Amanda the other day, which just reminded me how lucky I was to have trained and worked there… I really miss my Mistress friends sometimes – but for me it’s a better fit to be an independent Mistress and have a bit more control. For me Professional domination is my passion and my career – so it’s nice now to be the queen of my own domain!

So there is no bad feeling on either side – and people “telling tales” on SK won’t get themselves any brownie points with me…

In other news – I’ve been having a lot of fun in the last couple of days… today a headmistress session in the schoolroom with a naughty boy who’s been guilty of fondling girls! And then very fun heavy humiliation from a strict, stern Mistress… which is something I can really enjoy when appropriate!

The funniest thing was the end of the session – hehehehe – I’m a little different from “most Mistresses” so he got a surprise, but I think he left knowing who was really in control! We’ll see if he’s up for a true Dominant woman or not in future 😉

And in crazy quizzland – hahahahaha – I can’t see that myself – slut don’t take this as an idea to try switching – it will all end in a world of pain – and it won’t be mine!!!!

What kind of Jedi are you?
LJ Username  
Dark Side Growth Potential – 72%

Light Side Growth Potential – 35%

Master’s Name  mssslut
How likely you are to lose a limb – 59%

Lightsaber Blade’s color  Yellow
Lightsaber Style  Double-Bladed Lightsaber
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