by | Oct 19, 2005

Well my day off on Sunday was fun – apart from getting totally drenched in the rain when I went out to watch some dressage and ended up calling a test! Lesson learned the hard way – 20 year old gortex isn’t as waterproof as one might hope 😉 when I got home I had a nice hot bath to warm up though so all was good!

Yesterday was a very fun extended session – slave had a meeting in the afternoon – so we played for a couple of hours in the morning – then he was sent on his way wearing a latex g-string and a locked chain collar under his pinstriped business suit! Oh and with very sore nipples and a well spanked bottom 😉

We met up again later at his hotel – I don’t take “outcalls” as a rule, but with someone I’ve seen many times in the past it can be very fun to mix things up this way… of course when the hotel room in question is able to provide a heavy exposed beam to use as suspension then things get a bit more interesting!

Those sore nipples got plenty more attention – from some sharps! When I wound floss around the needles it got even more intense 😉 – so fun! Played with a lot and then removed – we went out for a lovely leisurely dinner… and then a little more playtime.

All very fun!

And tonight I have another dinner playdate – with someone I’ve seen several times in the dungeon – but this is our first venture outside… I only do these sorts of sessions with people I’ve seen before and who I get on with – imagine how awful it would be being trapped with someone you didn’t get along with!

I was thinking about last week – I was really busy and I would say that a majority of the sessions were two hours or more… I really enjoy having the time to totally immerse my sub into the experience of being my slave – and an extended session is a very different to the regular hour….

That said – a short sharp shock can be perfect – I saw a new “naughty boy” for a headmistress thrashing and half an hour was more than adequate – I really don’t think his bottom would have held up for any longer!!