Wow – week almost over!

by | Oct 21, 2005

It’s one of those things that show I’m getting older – realising that the week is almost over!

Mistress Amanda invited me to the Salon Kittys birthday party – so I’m planning on going to that tomorrow evening – it should be very fun to meet up with some of my old friends and see how everything is going – I believe that they changed the suspension in the Brass dungeon since I worked there so I’m curious to check it out!

Hellfire is later – so I’m not sure if I’ll get to see all the fashion shows – asrei is modeling I believe so sorry if I miss the show 🙁

But I should be there to have a dance at least!

Today was fun – I saw one of my naughty “schoolboys” – this gentleman turns up in short pants, grey shirt and a tie – very much like the boys from my school’s brother school when I was a little girl – apart from the fact that he doesn’t wear a boater and is into his late ’70’s! But someone I always look forward to seeing…

I was actually quite tired from my session last night – which was very fun and involved some very discreet public naughtiness as discussed on my board on the Hang at Max Fisch it was all very fun though and ended in the dungeon after dinner for lots of fun.

Later this afternoon I decided to take a bit of care of myself and have a massage. Instead of the more usual type I decided to go to buddha bar in Newtown to have a warm stone massage which has always appealed for some reason…

It was pretty fun – but the stones weren’t hot enough for me! And I told the massage girl I was a “Bondage Mistress” – she asked me if I had to do massage!! Ah – no – slaves may massage my feet – or I may “massage” them with my whips – but no – no ordinary or erotic massage! Lots of other cool stuff though 😉 but I don’t think she really understood – “so it’s all mean things” – well – yes and no – too hard to explain really – I guess if that’s not your kink it’s just not your kink…… maybe I should just give my “other” profession and pretend that all the high heel wearing problems are from my consultancy work instead of Mistressing.

I think I might be best just going to the physio when my back gets sore – all that lower back workout from the strap-on 😉 Hehehehehe And at least that gets a big rebate on my insurance – I get one on massage – but I ran out pretty quickly a while ago 🙁

Or there’s always the option of sending slaves off to do massage courses until I have a phalanx of devoted body-slaves to take care of me! At least kellilasub has had a head start in reflexology! 😉