Kung Fu and Kylie!

by | Nov 24, 2006

I’m just about to head off for Kung Fu camp! So won’t be around for the weekend – Should be very fun based on how great a time we had last time… though a lot warmer I suspect. Sunscreen and water are my friends

Last night was the Kylie show – oh my goodness – so fabulous! I’ve decided she’s the Lance Armstrong of Divas… I loved the spectacle of the shows – sometimes I wondered what it was all about – like the fantasy gym with all the almost naked boys doing suggestive things while she was wearing a leopard print catsuit with ears! More camp than any amount of tents – even more camp than a mirror ball tent!

Other news – umm i had a very hot session today – caning and strap-on – what’s not to love – smirk.

Anyway – must dash – I have a ferry to catch from Brooklyn later this evening and a long drive out to the north shore. Have a great weekend everyone – see you Sunday night!