Daily Archives: January 24, 2007

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I’ve had a very productive couple of days…. I have a tendency to leave things if they’re not super urgent but in the last couple of days I’ve renewd my drivers licence, contacted Westward Bound about some latex that isn’t the right colour, am going for detox treatement this afternoon… oh and banking – but I’m okay at that one 😉

and – finally got these leggings repaired – well I actually got the feet taken off so I can wear them more easily with boots (they’re uncomfy otherwise) – but I think I’ll get another pair with the feet still in…

Sessions have been fabulous too! For some reason I’ve had a big run of full transformations which has been really cool – I love playing dressups!

Yesterday I spent three hours putting someone in horrible brutal bondage and watching him squirm and sweat – followed by beautiful decorative piercing which as always sent him into an amazing endorphin high… I took a couple of photos so I might have to post some time…

I also got to adminster some Domestic Discipline – which is always so different to the regular dungeon scenario and very enjoyable 🙂 I have to keep my spanking hand in pratice 😉