by | Feb 3, 2007

I’ve had another busy week 😉

On Monday night I helped out doing bondage demonstration and hands on instruction at the MaXX Black Ladies Night – which was very fun! missfleurdelys was my beautiful assistant and got tied up in several ways by me and a few of the ladies present! Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves, drinking champagne, giggling at all the toys and even coming away with the idea that rope is fun and sexy but not all that difficult at all….

Some fabulous sessions also – including one terrible tease who’s been promising to let me pierce, cane, tease and use my strap-on for a few months! Well he finally made it in and we both had an amazing fun session – happy sigh.

Plus lots of spankings, fun with catheters and other fabulous things.

It was a sad week for rubber though 🙁 I was spanking a very cute young lady at the fantastic UBER party last saturday – and when she slid off my knee the busk of her corset tore my beautiful leggings – yes the ones I just got repaired… but – oh well – these things happen – I think it’s a lesson to me that next time a cute girl goes over my knee she’ll have to be naked! Happily Skin Two have them in stock and email from London says that my new pair has already been dispatched.

And – I was doing my regular huuuge clean and realised that my vac bed had rotted further – I’d already had it fixed once, but this time I think it’s beyond help 🙁 so the vac bed is no more – well until I get a new one…

I’m heading off to Conrad’s Party at The Kirk tonight – which should be much fun – I’ve known Conrad since my first days at Salon Kitty’s and I know he always has fantastic parties! Hmm – maybe I should take my toybag along just in case!