by | Mar 6, 2007

Eeek – a pigeon!

I’ve been meaning to do a proper big update about all the cool things I’ve been up to – suffice it to say there have been heaps of fabulous sessions – in fact – you can read a review of some fun I had on friday night with a certain willing sub and one of my friends who came along to watch here on Max Fisch… thanks for the kind words AussieWS 🙂

But anyway – the pigeon….. I’m not a huge fan of pigeons, a feeling which hasn’t been helped by certain occasions where one of my cats has brought one in and tried to eat it under the bed at 3 am – shudder – so I was horrified this morning to find another pigeon flapping in my bedroom… Lucky for the pigeon only the tiny siamese kitty was trying to play with it – as opposed to Ollie the big black killing machine. So anyway – of course there were no boys around to save me – so I had to capture it in a washing basket and take it outside… Where it flew off apparently undamaged – yay me!

Kitty is still looking around in hopes of more pigeon play – sometimes I really think she’s not the sharpest knife in the drawer… but she has pretty blue eyes and does a great line in snuggles.

Off to the dungeon soon I have someone lined up for a thrashing and strap-on – hehehe gee I have a hard life 😉 I had a long weekend off – so if anyone was trying to contact me over the last few days – my phone was turned off! I’m around for three days only 🙂 then off to San Francisco on Friday for a week and a half…