by | Apr 12, 2007

Long time no update…. slack I know….

I had a good easter – went to Ascension at Manacle on Friday and really enjoyed dancing to Ryan Murphy – he played a remix of Reckless that was fantastic! Easter Sunday I went to the Show – which is always fun… saw the big fruit and vegetable displays which is my favourite – but I didn’t think they were as good this year… though all the fruit looked tasty 😉

What else – lots and lots of fun sessions recently – with some new people which is always interesting – usually I’d say four out of five sessions I do are with subs I’ve played with before… one memorable session was a full transformation which was *very* fun – I like the creativity of transformation – and seeing just how feminine someone can look… very! Especially with press-on nails which totally transform masculine mitts into feminine hands.

I caught up with Mistress Serena yesterday which was great – as many of her subs know she’s been busy with other projects recently – but keep an eye out because she may be freeing up some playtime in her diary again!

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