by | Apr 16, 2007

laughing – someone called me that today – hehehe – how cute!

I haven’t been writing up my sessions much recently – not sure why – there’s been heaps of fun things going on – but I think sometimes I’m in the mood for writing and sometimes I’m not… also if I feel I’ve fallen “behind” then I end up not writing much at all! So I’m just going to mention some of the fun things I did over the weekend 🙂

I certainly lived up to the epithet on Saturday – when I saw one of my fabulous subs (or bottoms rather as he’s not very submissive – but has turned into the most glorious masochist!)… The focus of the session was corporal punishment – happy sigh – interestingly as is often the case it’s the psychological aspects that can be the most severe – the tension of fear…. though there’s something so irresistibly appealing about tears – particularly when they’re accompanied by courage… guess dacryphilia is just another of my perversions!

My other Saturday session wasn’t quite so brutal – though I did take “forced feminisation” to heart by using my medical stapler to seal up his foreskin and pull his scrotum over his penis… snicker – though there was plenty of other non-brutal stuff – like latex fetish feminisation and erotic humiliation. So very fun

More rubber fetish followed on Sunday – with someone who really wanted to be pushed – which is always an appealing concept to me – though it’s interesting to gauge what will push in a good way – and what in a not-so-good way… for this particular sub more humiliation and physical domination was good – but I don’t think more corporal punishment would have taken him to the “right place” even though he was willing to be stoic. It was a great session – I loved how he would start feeling really submissive – and then would start to freak out a bit… it was the realisation that he really was feeling overwhelmed and not-in-control…

More fun stuff today – but I might update about that later 🙂