by | May 12, 2007

Lots going on this week – it’s Leather Pride Week!

I taught a class on caning, which had a decidedly practical bent – I really enjoy teaching, and getting to train apprentices is one of the things I miss about working in a large house… The beginning of my class was theory and demonstration – but the end I had many people practicing on each other (through their clothes) and/or pillows – I was very happy to have some very experienced players come along… and to say that they got something from the class – I know I enjoy hearing other people’s perspectives – and you never stop learning in this lifestyle.

Wednesday night was the Bob Buckley Memorial Spoken Word event – organised by the fabulous Miss grushenkadoll – there were some very sexy pieces read! I read something that neophyte31 wrote – which people seemed to enjoy…

Lots of fun sessions this week too – though I’ve also been enjoying tormenting some poor subs out of session – I wonder if sk_ott is sorry he bought that particular device 😉 or poor beltmeplease for that matter! I have to say I love having him locked in chastity – happy sigh… we have to catch up soon so he can have a supervised shower – though I think I’d rather go visit a strip club with him – following his recent visit to Men’s Gallery I’ve been wanting to see him suffer again – hehehe

I had such a hilarious humiliation session yesterday and finally used the piggy tail butt plug I bought ages ago but had put in a drawer and forgotten about… it was so funny watching him squelching in a puddle on his belly making the tail wiggle…

What other news? Umm – I was given a new leather jacket – I’m going to get it remodelled to have the shoulder pads taken out – so will be interesting to see how it looks….

Oh – and I have a new piece of leather I got custom designed for me by Dean at Demon! Yumm