Two days – on planes!

by | May 30, 2007

Well I just added up all the flight times for my trip in July – and I’m going to be spending about 47 hours in the air – ergh! At least I’m not flying United – and I get my first trip on BA which will be interesting…

So – here are the dates – though it’s not all totally locked in – I might be leaving NYC a day earlier to have a little more time in London…

SF – 4 July
NYC – 9 July
London – 15 July (o’night – leaving 14th)
then I’m going to glasgow with ozibootslave
Singapore – 25 July (o’night leaving the UK 24th)
Sydney – 27 July

Then – just for insanity’s sake I’m doing an intense martial arts training weekend starting the friday I get back! Well I guess all those early morning wake ups will be put to good use, and I should be physically tired enough to sleep 😉