weekend update

by | May 20, 2007

Yesterday was a surprise… I was supposed to be updating my St John’s First Aid qualifications – but was told on friday afternoon that it had been postponed. A bit annoying because I’d had the day set aside in my diary for over a month – but I guess these things happen…

It would have been the third time I’d actually done the course though (your certificiation lapses after a couple of years) – so I’m not too worried 🙂

At a loose end I had a sleep in – and then decided to do some shopping!

Yay – though I have to say not the exciting sort of shopping – unless you have a thing for white towels – which – ummm – I sort of do…. I’d been meaning to get some new ones for ages – but the sort that I wanted (DriGlo Plush) weren’t available in white any of the times I’d been to look… they had the cheaper version, and the Egyptian cotton version, which is nice in some ways – but takes longer to dry – and when you wash them as often as I do – drying times count!

But sadly no more Dri-Glo Plush – so I was tempted into the arms of Sheridan (hehe) the towels… they weren’t exactly what I wanted – but they were on sale – and white – and thick – so we will see how they hold up.

I also bought some random things just because I was out shopping – bath ballistics at Lush, which I love… I had one in my bath tonight – happiness. Also some non-australian treats, my favourite confectionary treat Daim bars – yummm bath balls and a chocolatey treat 😀

Today I wandered out to find coffee – I must get my beautiful La Pavoni machine fixed… it’s been playing up and needs a service. Read my book – faffed around – and then had too much fun playing with newbotb – happiness….