by | Jun 28, 2007

This time next week I will be in the air!

I’ve been so busy lately – with various interesting things happening – as well as getting to play with lots of people who want to see me before I leave… I’m away for almsot the whole of July!

I’m still catching up on email though – sometimes if I’m a bit stressed I can be a little “tardy” in getting back to people – or I get a lot of mail and it slips down in my inbox… eek

One thing I’m really looking forward to I have to admit is being somewhere a little warmer! Though I’m not certain that The Orkney Islands are particularly sunny even in the middle of summer… but still – I’m very excited to be going there. So often when I travel I never see anything but big cities – so it’s going to be great to be out in the country and doing some hiking.