at long last…

by | Jul 12, 2007

an update!

I’m in New York – it’s almost two in the morning and I’m relaxing at Mistress Wynter’s apartment. I’ve only been in the city for two days – and already I’ve had four sessions – two of which were fabulous doubles with the aforementioned Mistress Wynter. So – very – fun

I’ve reconnected with wonderful subs I played with last time I was here – and met some fabulous new people too – happy sigh… so far there’s been heavy discipline, lots of piercing, ball punching, rope bondage galore, oceans of g/s, squirmy humiliation goodness and even assisted Mistress Wynter with a temporary cock-branding…

She’s so fantastic – we get on really well, and play so well together 🙂 It’s really amazing to find a Mistress-soulmate like that – we have a very similar outlook on domination… plus we’re both very sadistic in a friendly, down-to-earth way 🙂

Today I did a little shopping, as happened last visit I’m so busy with sessions that it’s going to be hard to get much shopping time in – but I headed down to Christopher St today to visit Leatherman – and then headed over to Century 21 which is either shopping heaven or hell depending where one is on the bargain/madness continuum 😉 I could have easily spent a week in there sorting through all the amazing designer bargains – but I didn’t have the time as I had to rush back for a session – so I randomly grabbed appealing looking items…. hmmm – sneakers, some yoga wear, Hello Kitty pyjamas and underpants, a pair of jeans for timling. We will have to see if anything fits 😉 at least it was all at bargain prices!

Leatherman was fantastic – I bought a lovely lovely heavy leather flogger, and a spandex bodybag which will be fabulous for all sorts of sessions – apart from being a lot less expensive than rubber or leather bodybags it also has the advantage of being able to be thrown in the washing machine after session – so I’m really looking forward to trying it out!

I have two long sessions tomorrow both of which are doubles with Mistress Wynter – but I’m hoping to quickly get out to Purple Passion tomorrow morning also – maybe pick up some more devious toys 🙂 cause one can never have too many evil items at one’s disposal.