Sunburt in Glasgow!

by | Jul 24, 2007

Who would have thought 🙂

I was sitting outside in the sun yesterday having a surprisingly good coffee and got a little bit burnt! Glasgow is an interesting place – it’s very much a city that people live in as opposed to a city that tourists visit. A lot like Melbourne I found to be honest – even in terms of the architecture as it was one of the richest cities in the Empire in the Victorian era (similar to Melb) so has a lot of grand Victorian buildings.

Scotland has been amazing – especially the Orkneys. Such an incredible beautiful place – and with so much history (and puffins). I’ll have to write a proper update complete with photos of me crawling around looking at Iron Age Brochs or Stone Age burial mounds later… I have to wait for ozi to get back from running errands so he can let me download the photos from his camera to my computer.

I also got to wander around a stately home/castle which was very impressive – and visit Culloden Moor where the last battle fought on British soil took place and the Jacobites under Bonny Prince Charlie were butchered.

Plus see a lot of very beautiful landscapes on our travels from Loch Lomond to the Highlands and of course the barren windswept Orkneys…

I’ve had an amazing time in Scotland – and am leaving this evening… flying from Glasgow to Heathrow then connecting on to Singapore. An overnight stay to get some sleep – I’d say to get the kinks out but we all know that’s a futile exercise where I’m concerned 😉

At the moment I’m looking at a vast array of stuff and wondering how on earth I’m ever going to fit it all into my bag! I’ve also sent ozi on a mission to try and find me a bag that will fit my lovely lovely new dragon canes… and some other stuff too 😉 I seem to have acquired several items – guess that’s what happens when one is stationed in the kink shopping capitals of the world!

All I did in both London and New York was session and shop 😀 though there is still some shopping to be achieved in Singapore on the way home – but that’s more for makeup and skincare products than anything terribly exciting.

I have to say while I’ve had an amazing trip and have seen a lot of great things I’m so looking forward to being home in my own dungeon – and particularly trying out my new toys!