what is it…

by | Jul 26, 2007

about weird asian chip flavours that I love… who would have thought of curry flavoured twisties… but they’re good!

I’m sitting in my hotel room in Singapore drinking a beer and eating curry twisties 🙂 The hotel is rather strange – I left the booking part of my plan far too late to get something swish(ish) off Ready Rooms or wherever so kinda took what was available. I have to say I’m pretty glad I did – the room is very big, with wooden floorboards and wooden furniture… it’s not your usual hotel experience, and apparently is the training venue for the Singapore Hotel and Tourism college.

I am looking pretty scruffy it must be said because BA lost one of my bags – one did make it on the plane from London to Singapore and the other didn’t – sigh – hopefully it’s not still on the tarmac somewhere in glasgow! On the plus side – all my fetish wear is with me (including fabulous new suit) along with all my make-up, shoes and toiletries. On the minus side – almost all my clothes are in the other bag, along with my new canes… so I will be wearing the same comfy trackies I was wearing on the plane tomorrow to wander around in 🙁 poop so much for glamorous lunches anywhere tomorrow – well unless I was wearing fetish wear but I don’t think that’s such a fabulous idea in such a conservative place.

I’ve had a very mixed lot of luck with flights this trip… it all started out fabulously well – a sub of mine was able to put in a word to the upgrade gods and I was upgraded from economy to business class on the way from Sydney to SF (on Qantas) ! Which was such a fabulous experience I must say. My next flight (on American) from SF to NYC was delayed by two and a half hours, flight from NYC to London (BA) – nondescript but not much sleep, flight from Glasgow to London delayed (hence the lost bag I suspect), flight from London to Singapore got down to the runway then trundeled back to the terminal so a sick baby could be taken off. I was glad they decided to take the baby to hospital at that point instead of having an emergency landing in Istambul or something… but it did delay the arrival in Singapore by an hour or so.

sigh – you’d have thought when they got the baby off they could have put some bags on! Because there were other people at Changi with no luggage – one of whom was quite pointlessly yelling at everyone. As I said to the luggage lady it’s not as if she has a magic wand and can say “Accio Suitcase” and bring it winging over from London – they just have to wait for the next flight… which is tomorrow….

Oh well

I’m having it left at the airport instead of delivered to the hotel – that way I only have one bag to lug around tomorrow anyway.

Home again soon – I have to say I’ve had an amazing time but I’m looking forward to just being at home for a while (well a while for me anyway).