by | Sep 5, 2007

Thanks to everyone for the comments on my webcam pics 🙂 I love that hat too! It was a gift from ozibootslave when we went shopping in London…

I’ve had some fantastic sessions – including getting to use my sjambok! It is indeed very severe – apparently combining both sting and thud in an unusual way – though my sub was a little disappointed that it wasn’t as horrendous as he was expecting – more testing is obviously called for!

This afternoon I have my lovely sissy ballerina coming in for training and behaviour modification. I only get to see her occasionally when her travels bring her to Sydney so we make the most of the opportunity with extended sessions – this afternoon will be five hours of full transformation, training, torture and lots and lots of bondage! mistress_jadis will be assisting me also – I’m glad that she’ll be able to help with the full transformation as it’s something I do enjoy.

I’ve been amused that she’s getting a rather “servalan-centric” view of sessioning – almost no light to medium one hour sessions! I do enjoy those also – but a lot of my sessions do seem to be longer and heavier… a lot more “Mistresses choice” than “please do x and y”.

Smiling – though I think once she’s got her interim website up and some photos out there she should start attracting her own sort of subs – people who will want to share the journey with her more specifically. From discussions we’ve had she’s been giving her own style a lot of thought – and it is fascinating to watch her develop.