by | Oct 26, 2007

I’ve been crazy busy recently – with another fabulous overnight session on wednesday night… and an all day one on monday… I love super extended sessions – you really get to explore on a different level.

I have some photos from Wed because mistress_jadis was in to take some – so I’ll have to post them later. I’m rushing off to a more “regular” one hour session in a couple of minutes – someone I always have fun with… but then there’s caning and strap-on – what’s not to love 😉

Oh – and I have new shiny! A new rubber corset from Breathless that just arrived a few minutes ago – so of course I’m sitting here naked apart from the aforementioned rubber corset – hehe – but I did have to check that it fits you know! Giggle…

eek – looks at time

Better get into civvies and fly.