Goodbye Underworld!

by | Nov 23, 2007

So – I settled on my Fabulous New Dungeon yesterday… and am now the proud owner!

Slightly annoyingly – there is still a tenant in there. During the contract process my lawyer was concerned over who was responsible for giving notice etc etc – which meant that the tenant (who’s lived there for 12 years) ended up being given notice a little late. So he’s in there until the 2nd of December. So I can’t immediately start cleaning and schlepping stuff over yet – pouts

But come the 3rd! I’ll be starting the huge moving process…

I’ve given notice at Underworld – and will be all out by Friday the 14th – my dark purple dungeon walls taken back to a nice bland colour – the iron bars of my cell removed from the walls of the catacombs – the crazy fetish wear explosion of my dressing room somehow tamed and packed!

So if anyone has been fantasising about spending a night locked in my cell over the last four years you’d better move fast as it will be gone very soon!

I will be available for sessions as normal at Underworld until the 2nd. Availability the week of the 3rd will be open – I will be progressively moving rooms at a time – just call and ask me how things are going 😉

It’s very exciting – if rather daunting!

I’m not usually the sort of person who asks for a lot of help with things – but in this instance I’m not going to be too proud! So people who would like to provide help are more than welcome… cleaning, painting, lifting heavy things… all these good things.

Send me an email to mistress_servalan at and let me know your availability.

Anyone who can help on weekdays especially… as I can’t really squeeze everything into two days!