Happy dance of the new singletail!

by | Nov 29, 2007

I got a present today!

My slave sk_ott gave me the bullwhip I’ve been planning to buy for ooh – at least a year! It’s so very hot… I had a lot of trouble dragging my attention from the new whip to the slave to play – hehe. Though my focus certainly came back quite quickly once I started torturing his nipples (hmm – for some reason that sort of thing always does capture my attention!)

So – I’ll have to post some photos of me and my bullwhip soon – so everyone can appreciate just how wonderful it is…

It’s a Mike Murphy 16 plait 4′ bullwhip in a very dark brown colour (actually almost the same shade as my Lochgelly tawse). Bullwhips are measured officially from the knot at the top to the beginning of the fall so the total length is actually a little over six feet.

I haven’t used it on a human yet – because it needs to be worked in so it falls and lands properly – and of course I need to become accustomed to it… happy sigh

That said – the amazing quality of the plaiting and the leather means that even with only a short amount of practice it’s already started to break in and fall really well – a hell of a lot faster than my original singletail which is a 3′ ballistic nylon snakewhip.

So yes – the happy dance of the new singletail….