Very Big News…

by | Nov 14, 2007

Also known as Mistress Servalan’s worst kept secret – as I’ve been telling select subs about this for a few months!

I’ve bought a sizable warehouse space in Marrickville and I’m going to be moving my dungeon in early December!

So no more Underworld – which is very sad actually – I’ve had so many amazing sessions there over the past four years, but it’s really time I created my own bespoke environment, and just the right property came up… I know that a lot of people are going to miss the unique atmosphere – particularly the cells and the catacombs. My new place won’t have anything “exactly” like that – but will develop it’s own unique character and play spaces.

It’s in the Enmore part of Marrickville – in a quiet little area… slightly closer to the city than my current dungeon.

A large space, it has a large central area – and two mezzanine areas. It will be a work in progress for the first few months – as I have to use and play in a space for a while before I decide how to arrange things to suit my needs.. but will be a totally unique dungeon for Sydney! Particularly as my plans take shape.

So I’m *very* excited – if a tiny bit daunted at the thought of moving all my huge quantities of equipment! Eeek….