giggle…. and a meme

by | Dec 5, 2007

A myspace friend made this – it’s me as a giantess! Title – Your new Goddess

I love it!

me,myself and I
name: Servalan
nickname: Kitkitkit
birthday: October 6
height: 170cm (5’7″0
weight: 63kg
hair: dark brown
eyes: green
any piercings?: three
tattoos?: no – but I have brandings
any siblings?: haha – can’t you tell a spoilt only child!
what do you like to wear? something glamorous!
book?: Snow Crash
color?: Green
movie?: Roselyne and the Lions
celebrity?: John Waters
place? Sydeny of course!
food? leek and lentil lasagna
dessert? affogato
alcoholic drink? A big shiraz
non-alcoholic drink? water
day of the week? any day that involves fun…
number? 6
month? February
city? Sydney
country? Australia – or Italy
animal? tiger
time of the day? twilight
smell? just the right person’s sweat, rain
tv channel? umm – the one with the entertaining crap – lifestyle – or uktv
song at the moment? Apologise
friend? my fabulous apprentice mistress_jadis
place to be? the doctor’s waiting room
time of the day? too earlu
day of the week? a boring one
song/music genre? country
animal to you? rats
drink? full cream milk
food? meat
*have u ever…*
been so drunk that you cant remember? probably – I don’t remember!
cheated: well – sort of
been cheated on? apparently
been in love? oh yes
been on TV? not really
stolen anything? yes
been on stage? yes
passed out? yes
had a surgery? adenoids when I was four!
broke the law intentionally? hehe – well there is that prohibited weapons act….
had a friend pass away? not a close friend
been lied to? yes
been dumped? yes
*do you…*
do drugs? hahaha – I have Karlor!
get drunk? well – more tipsy than drunk
dance? oh yes
party? at times
sing? yes
play an instrument? no
get along with your parents? when she’s behaving!
think you are attractive? to some people for sure.
swear? not so much
smoke? never
get motion sickness? no
wear contacts/glasses? no
get good marks? always
watch cartoon? occasionally
drink milk : nope
write poems/stories? not really
take a particular medicine? no
go to psycholog? nope
have a pet? yes – cats and dog!
are you allergic to something? nope
play an online rpg? no
get online on msn a lot? no – just to speak to specific people
google a lot? of course
have fights? no
read magazines? not anymore – maybe Skin Two
read comics? no
how many hours do you sleep? it depends
how frequently do you go to hairdresser? not enough really
get along with your teachers? hehe – generally
What’s your preferred genre of music? umm – dance music I guess
All-time favorite band/artist? too hard to pick
All-time favorite song? Goreki – Lamb or Song to the Siren – this mortal coil
How many CDs or MP3s of your favorite band/artist do you have? I have quite a lot of music
What’s your favorite radio station? JJJ
rock? sure
blues/jazz? sometimes
classical? sometimes
rap? well I like The Herd and the Hilltop Hoods – do they count?
pop? shh – no one knows about the Kylie
country? no
emo/screamo? no
heavy metal? maybe
techno? yes
reggae? no
r&b? no
time you cried? today
movie you watched? I don’t remember
person you talked on the phone? general enquiry
cigarette? never
song played? Tailights fade – Buffalo Tom
thing you ate? Potato Pide
time you took a bubble bath? I had a radox bath last night…
time you got drunk? how drunk is drunk?
time you read a book? this afternoon
email you get? a photo
person you got a fight? was grumpy with someone recently – not really a fight
time you hugged someone? today – Satomi
time you kissed someone? Mistress Tokyo on the cheek
time you met someone new? ooh – looks in diary – a few days ago
time you went for a date? haha – probably July last year
*do you believe in…*
God? no
religions? no
aliens? not really
ghosts? possibly
afterlife? no
yourself? yes
astrology? not really
karma? yes – but not in a simplistic way
magic? umm – sort of
*in a girl/boy*
hair: blonde
eyes blue
hobbies: bleeding
style of clothing slightly scruffy at the right time
kiss on first date?: depends on the date!
love at first sight?: connection at first sight – yes
who do you wanna slap?: my boy – just because it’s hot – not because he’s naughty
who do you wanna kill?: no one
your dream: something rude involving latex
do you want to get married?: nope
love?: yes
i wanna be: a dominatrix!
all you need is: love
identy yourself with 3 words: loving, sadistic, creative
what is your worst characteristic?: procrastination
what are your fears?: missing out through being disorganised
what is your weakness?: sleep
favourite quote?: “In the end you will submit, it’s got to hurt a little bit”
shoes you wore last time?: hiking boots
what is your aim for this year?: buy new dungeon!