More Japan pics!

by | Mar 3, 2008

snowy track on the way back from the Ryokan where we stayed in snow monkey land (aka Jigokudani)

The view out of the train window from Yudanaka to Nagano – I’d not seen very much snow before – one ski trip to NZ doesn’t really compare!

Then I was in Tokyo! I didn’t find the Tokyo underground much worse than Sydney – even in peak hour it’s not worse than Wynyard – however it’s still packed late at night – these people are sleeping…

The hotel in Tokyo – so plush!

View out my window

Palace gardens in Tokyo – I had a very strange little man as the guide…

Beautiful plum blossom in the garden – contrasted with the grey stone wall

close up blossoms

the gardens take a lot of work! A man scooping leaves out of the water

Me in front of a guardhouse in the palace garden

This is at the Meji shrine – sake makers send barrels in – opposite are barrels of French wine!

A Shinto wedding at the Meji Shrine

The Bride and Groom

Another bride getting ready…

Temple gardens in Kyoto

This is Nijo-jo – the castle in Kyoto with a “nightingale floor” – fabulous!

me wandering around Kyoto – I swear it was even colder here than in the snow! There was quite a bit of half melted slush – and very cold rain…

snow on part of the roof of the golden pagoda in Kyoto – it would be a lot more garish in sunshine

Tea served in a temple in Kyoto – bitter green tea served with a sugar cake

the view from the tea house – it was nice and warm in there!

in the tea house

outside a temple

The famous zen rock garden at Ryoanji

Lion on guard in Kyoto

Lunch at a temple – yummy yummy soba and a strange drink called Amazake which is made of fermented rice and sake… rather lumpy but tasty and served with ginger.