by | Apr 5, 2008

So today was supposed to be private lesson with my Sifu (Kung Fu teacher)… and then a day off with shopping… but I had a message from a favourite slave yesterday and decided to make an exception 😀

So this morning I suffered – I never want to hear the word “again” again… (but I know I will tomorrow morning and every training session till the grading)

and then got to run off and play! Dressing my slut in a different outfit to usual because his favourite was in the wash, this time he got to experience more rubber fetish… latex dress, latex stockings, latex suspenders, latex gloves, latex hood… sexy shiny knee high boots… s/she looked wonderful! We had a lot of fun playing afterwards – nods…

and then I raced off to the Leona Edminston sale!

Big thanks to doctornurse for the head’s up!

I bought a cute little handbag for $30 that was originally marked at $225, a green dress that was $50 originally $355, and another flowing print that was $30 that had a previous markdown price of $199 – but was considerably more by the smudged tag underneath…. it looks like it starts with a seven – but that’s crazy talk…

anyway – I made out like a bandit!

Two dresses and a bag for $110…

The bargainess of which was slightly ruined by my recklessly buying (in Balmain) a loaf of bread, a pack of pasta and two small drinks at a deli nearby for $33. I guess that’s what happens when you don’t look at the prices – eek!

boys_in_toyland dropped by for a bit this evening with a beautiful bottle of wine and we had a strangely satisfying feast of broccoli and vege sausages… and some of the expensive “handmade by virgins” sourdough bread. Which was okay – but really – okay – only time will tell if the ravioli can make up the difference!