weekend update…

by | Apr 28, 2008

So that was a fun weekend 🙂

I started on Friday with a fantastic extended session with sk_ott resheduled from a couple of weeks before from when I had to cancel with the awful flu…

We had far too much fun – and not just the two of us. As a special surprise I coaxed good friend Mistress Serena to venture out of semi-retirement to play for part of the session. Not that it took very much coaxing! Mistress Serena and I catch up regularly and she’s always telling me how much she’s missing dressing in her fantastic rubber outfits and playing. She and skott used to play years ago when she was still at Salon Kittys and I knew that it would be a perfect surprise and addition to the session.

She had so much fun! It was so wonderful to look over and see her blue eyes shining with happiness as she beat, tortured and tormented “poor” skott! I introduced her to the ErosTek as electrical has always been one of her very favourite activities… she seems to be a happy convert to the ErosTek cult (big thanks to Mistress Wynter of New York who converted me a couple of years ago).

Other fabulousness included lots of bullwhipping, caning, fisting, cutting, nipple torture and other good things… it’s amazing just how fast six or seven hours can fly past 🙂

Saturday my martial arts training was canceled – so I had a quick trip out to Ikea at Rhodes to buy a new wardrobe for home – I know that might not sound exciting – but let me say having a huuuuuge wardrobe with lots of space for everything is really really good.

I rushed back for another fabulous heavy session – sooo much fun… more flogging, caning, bullwhipping – and then I had the special pleasure of introducing him to a new fetish – rubber. There’s something so gratifying about seeing someone succumb to something I love so much – the sensual nature of dressing in tight rubber and being securely restrained providing a perfect balance to the controlled brutality of the extreme heavy discipline….

Happy sigh

Though all my play isn’t super heavy blood-mageddon – Thursday I got to dress a slut in shiny red pvc, stockings and heels then lead him around and take to him with my strap-on…

It’s a good thing to have a balance 😉