by | May 5, 2008

Just came in from cleaning and pottering around in my dungeon – I love it so much – especially now that it has beautiful fresh flowers… I really think that they just add something.

I still haven’t completly sorted out my boudoir area – laughing – so many people have picked up that terminology since I put it on my website four years ago! Not that it’s particularly creative but still – I was the only sydney prodomme with one when I went independent – I think I need a new name… thinks

Anyway – my fabulous session yesterday was three hours of decadence including some luxurious cross dress, lingerie, corsetry, seamed stockings, high heels then the delicate and sensual application of makeup, false eyelashes – as my slave said in his sweet thank you email, “It was amazing the way you change my appearance. It always amazes me when I look at myself and of course how can I not like the tightness of the corset.”

The rest of the session was slightly more brutal – terrible the things I’ll do to a poor sweet thing… I especially loved the partial suspension – s/he looked so much like one of my little japanese bondage figurines I bought in Akihabara – all disheveled and sexy 😉

On from there, flogging, singeltail goodness, nipple torture, electro torture, golden shower, the use of my new terrible, innocent looking little white rod (mentioned in a post on my board on Max Fisch Well it doesn’t *look* too bad

oh and a lovely heavy caning – happy sigh

Today involved more caning – but of a more cautious kind trying not to leave too many marks… we ended up spending more time introducing him to sounds and then ramping up the totally non-marking torment of electrical torture.

And on the non-exciting side of my day I finally made it to Alfalfa House – and bought some smoked tofu and olive pate – which is very tasty… I think I’ll go back in for a proper visit and stock up on other good things, it’s not quite as scary on the inside as I used to find it 😉 Lots of yummy looking things also!