by | May 6, 2008

If you’re trying to come via public transport make sure to leave plenty of time – maybe look up your route on www.131500.com.au

Don’t call me at the time you’re already supposed to be at my door saying you’re on a bus going past the University of Sydney! Which was today – though only last week I had someone over an hour late because he couldn’t find where to catch the bus from.

I understand sometimes people can get lost – but really… try and have some common sense – and perhaps a sense of urgency when you’re already going to be half an hour late to see a Mistress – hail a taxi!


The old dungeon was very close to Lewisham station – but this one is very close to a bus stop – so it’s not *that* hard… people just need to make sure they leave enough time – catch the bus I tell them too… I’m not too far from either Stanmore or Sydenham stations either – though it’s harder to describe the route and it is about 15 minutes walk.

end rant