by | Jun 5, 2008

So I should really be at training – but I just wasn’t feeling up to Kung Fu fighting this evening… especially after the silly awake too early thing. Still I did go to yoga today so it’s not all a total washout from an activity standpoint.

I’m looking forward to playing tomorrow morning – first session back – and then catching up with my True Believers – they’ve made some good progress while I was away – there is new floor on the Rubber Room (one of my two mezzanine levels – the other being the Boudoir). There are apparently plans for me to peruse for my new gaol cell and so on – so that’s all exciting… I was rather granky when I realised that my air conditioning hadn’t been installed while I was away – so even though I paid for the units a month ago it’s still not in… (nothing to do with my team – just busy person trying to find a time to do the installation) Good news on that front however is that they’re being installed this weekend! So reverse cycle goodness will mean I can keep everything toasty warm (and nicely cool in summer when it comes around again) without the serried ranks of heaters we’ve been using.

I caught up briefly with the fabulous mistress_jadis this evening before her session, she’s been busy holding the fort while I was away – and even has Her first proper review up on Max Fisch! though beware – it’s from the inimitable adam4cbt so I don’t recommend anyone who’s squeamish about severe, intense cbt having a look! She’s not generally so severe – though there is something about a dedicated masochist who draws the sadist out… but she’s also very into erotic tease and denial style sessions, strap-on, g/s and all those more sensual things.

We were talking about getting more photos done – I really need to be able to show off my space! I can’t believe I still haven’t posted an update in my website with the new place, but I’ve been waiting to have more completed – plus I can be a world champion Procrastinatrix 😉

I’ve had a few new photographers wanting to work with me – so will have to see if they’d be interested in using dungeon location – as it is a totally unique space!

oh – and speaking of photographers – I was talking to one of my New York friends online today and had the work of this photographer pointed out to me! OMG – take a look at the erotic portraits… swoon – so many fabulous shots – especially the watersports one – and the last on in the first page with the knife…. and the beautiful large girl in bondage and hair bondage on the 5th page of erotic portraits…

go take a look – just probably not such a good plan at work 😉