by | Jun 18, 2008

The Urban Dictionary one…

Type your name at Urban Dictionary and post what you find in your LJ.


Servalan was a lead baddie in the UK sci-fi TV series Blake’s Seven. Used by British men of a certain age to refer to a particularly glamourous but cruel & haughty woman.

“Servalan!” (said to a companion, of an action by a glamourous woman that shows her to be heartless and aloof).

and my personal name comes out as…

(personal name)

1. A girl who is amazing gorgeous, usually pale skinned with dark hair and eyes, she looks like a model.
2. A girl who is fun to be around
3. The girl who everyone loves to hate & hates to love, that’s why she’s a legend.
4. A girl with an awesome rack.
5. The girl all the boys secretly love.
Whoa… Look at her, she’s a vision… No, she’s (name).

As she looks in the mirror in the morning she notices her eyes sparkle green more then usual, her hair is silky and dark as the night sky.

hehehe – there are a few ways to spell my personal name – one of the other “definitions” was apparently vomiting and pooping at the same time – eek – glad my mother spelt it the way she did!