by | Jun 25, 2008

So the aircon is in! Huzzah… Maybe I can return all my heaters to home.

I’ve been wandering around Newtown this afternoon – having lunch catching up on magazines and then some shopping… I had to go to an adult store that wasn’t MaXXX Black – eeeek – now I remember why I steer clear of those sorts of places! Everyone is different when it comes to adult entertainment, but I really don’t want a huge screen playing porn when I’m trying to buy something… Never again! Plus it smelt weird, in a bad way…

I wandered down to pretty dog to see if they had anything I *needed* I almost got some 18th Amendment jeans, but they only had the ones I liked in 30 or 26 🙁 I’m still a little scared of high waisted jeans.. Skirts I understand just not the jeans. Though time will fix that I’m sure.

If anyone’s been trying to call me I’ve not been answering, I have a cold and dislike speaking on the phone when I sound scratchy… But almost all better, which is good because I have sessions coming up!

I’m so in love with the baby pink gloves I bought in Tokyo, it always feels so decadent roaming through a shop drawing the soft leather through my hands, happy sigh. And so clandestinely perverted! Afterall one can’t really fondle one’s boots or hosiery in public, but gloves are fine 🙂