by | Jul 30, 2008

so – I’ve been meaning to post a bit about some of my recent sessions…

Saturday I had a fantastic 10 hour session with a sub I’ve seen quite a number of times now – I love these sorts of long sessions – either overnight or for a full day – but understandably only do them with people I’ve seen before! Imagine the horror of being “trapped” for that amount of time with someone irritating – or even just someone who’s interests don’t really mesh with mine.

This sub is mostly interested in bondage – yum – especially very restrictive head bondage – double yum 😀 I should take some photos next time, head bondage looks fantastic, especially white rope over a black rubber hood. Very hot! I love the restrictiveness of it too – restraining the head really puts everything else in perspective.

I played upstairs in my new Rubber fetish space – though it’s not really finalised yet but it was still good fun. I mummified him on the long bench – and tormented him with lots of electrical 😉 Oh – and violated his poor bottom – cause he was bending over the bench on his knees and – umm – well – sometimes you just can’t help yourself 😉 lucky he seems to enjoy that sort of treatment!

Oh – and forced rubber full transformation! We did that too – which was fantastic fun – I put him in the rubber inflatable boobies, stockings, g-string, opera length gloves, and sexy black and red dress… oh – and a hood of course with wig over the top! He looked fabulous – I love that accentuated rubber slut look – especially with false eyelashes and red lipstick…

It was a very fun day all round.