by | Jul 12, 2008

contented sigh

I was having a not so shiny day – just cold and a bit achey… nothing actually wrong, but I really don’t like the winter.

Got up, went to Kung Fu – worked reasonably hard – it was a small class today so I got lots of “personal attention” which is all well and good but my shoulders have been a bit sore – and my knees were feeling like I’d swapped them with my mother’s… sometimes you just have to suck it up though and keep going.

On the plus side it was really nice being out in the sunshine – I even had bare arms for most of the time (after we’d warmed up of course!)

Then I took Chloe for a walk (cause she’s been mrs barkington), had a short session and did some random things – a friend dropped over for a couple of minutes to return some gear I lent him….

Anyway – I just made such a good dinner – tempeh marinated in soy and sesame with tofu, red capsicum, some broc, english spinach, onion, garlic, chili…. on brown rice… so good.

It’s just what I felt like – sometimes I get too busy and/or tired and/or disorganised to cook. So it’s good to make something that’s *exactly* what I feel like – and is super healthy – protein, dark leafy greens – yum!