by | Dec 14, 2008

I have quite a lot to update really… to start with a new chastity slave who’s journalling his torments (hilarious reading if you’re mean and enjoy chastity and humiliation) – smallslave

In fact I’ve been enjoying quite a bit of humiliation play recently… It’s always so interesting to work out just the right words to reduce my helpless submissive to a quivering wreck 😉 In many ways humiliation can be just as brutal as the bullwhip – but the marks don’t show on the outside. Phillipsub wrote a review of our recent humiliation sessions over on Bilboes – he’s such a filthy pervert! You can see why he needs to be kept very strictly in line from the way he’s been writing… disgraceful.

In other news I’ve been saying Bon Voyage to my beautiful partners in crime 🙁

missfleurdelys and mistress_jadis have both followed in my footsteps jetting off to the US and the UK repectively… which is all well and good but why did they have to both be away at the same time!

I might have to see if I can chase Mistress Serena out of her semi-retirement just so I can have a friend to play with!

Of course I wish Ms J and F all the best – safe and fabulous travels… I’m looking forward to regular lj updates at least so I can follow their adventures and marvel at their shopping! Oooh – that reminds me – I must ask Ms Jadis to pick me up a couple of new Dragon Canes while she’s in London (a girl can never have too many dragons!)

Oooh – and a special present arrived for me last Friday! It’s sooooo perfect! I’ve *very* happy 😀 I’ll update more about that later.