a sneak peek…

by | Mar 23, 2009

Just before I left for my holiday I had a video shoot with the people from DDI magazine – it was crazy hard work but *very* fun – and of course I’m super grateful to my three fabulous stunt bottoms for all their fabulousness – extra kudos to sk_ott and newbotb for putting up with the demented diva beforehand getting Carisbrook camera-ready!

Anyway – the video team were kind enough to take a few stills for me – so I will have some stuff to send to badpauly for my bigger than ben hur website update! Here’s one of my favourites – I might put a couple of others up here… was a very fun experience – if something different.

a drop of red at the end of a hard day of shooting!

The building news alluded to in one of my tweets – I had some carisbrook (external) renos that were supposed to be finished by the time I came home from Japan – but eek… as is always the case things ran over and didn’t work out the way we’d have hoped. There’s nothing happening in the next couple of days – but the builders will be back and the dungeon unavailable for playtime wednesday and thursday until late afternoon (I think they’re finished about 3pm) while downpipes are attached to the new gutters and there is some external plastering done to the wall where potentially dangerous lintels were taken off… apparently they could have fallen off completely! Eek – a chunk of concrete on the noggin is not the sort pain I like inflicting! All safe and sound now thank goodness.

I’m afraid I may have to eat a little humble pie and apologise to the poor tradesmen – I was *so* cranky on Friday when I got home and saw that everything wasn’t finished! All I can say in my defense was that I didn’t sleep a wink on the overnight flight from Tokyo and I had to change planes at the Gold Coast (nuff said). Oh – plus I hadn’t played for 11 days!

Lucky for me skott presented himself the next morning… it was an amazing session – I had *really* been craving super heavy caning – and I got it! I think recently I’ve been a bit distracted with singletailing – both the bull and snake whips… but there’s nothing like extended, repetitive, methodical caning. Happy sigh