heading off soon

by | May 11, 2010

I’m well into the run up till I leave for my US visit on Friday! As always it seems like I have a heap of time until now then I’m scrabbling trying to organise myself 😉 No idea what I feel like taking with me – lucky I will have slave assistance on Friday morning to help and then drive me to the airport – I’m a little bit spoilt like that 🙂

As people may have noticed I’ve created a little blog-based site – www.servalanontour.com which I’ll be updating with what’s happening – it’s feeding to lj so if you read me on your f-list (any ljers who are still left that is) everything will be in the one place. I do have session and interest information and a gallery over there that don’t feed so go take a look if you’re curious… kinda a stop-gap measure till msservalan2.0 is up…

In session news I’ve been having a heap of fun playing recently – there’s always a few people who are hoping to see me before I leave on my travels 🙂 Yesterday I even took a same day booking!

Though as Ms Jadis and I were saying earlier today, while we both don’t generally take same day bookings – people can be lucky 😉 If you’ve seen me before, and approach it the right way, you never know! Example – “Is this the mistress? What’s your address I want to come in, I can be there in half an hour.” ahhh – no… while – “Hi Mistress, it’s bill here. I’ve seen you a couple of times before, I know it’s very late notice but I was wondering if you had any availability this evening.” I may well not match the name to the sub, but politeness goes a long way and if I don’t already have something planned then I’ll be willing to make an exception.

speaking of scrabbling around for time I should get my skates on! I want to drop off some drycleaning of stuff I might want to take with me, pick up a snack and then have to get ready for a session this afternoon… it’s a double domme session with a visiting lady I’ve not met before! I love sub-introductions though – I’ve met some great ladies that way 🙂