nearly time to start packing!

by | May 12, 2010

I had my last Sydney session for the month this afternoon – and got to do a heap of my very favourite things which always makes me smile :) slave even brought a delicious bottle of wine as a gift!

Then some handwashing of my beautiful silk slips and a couple of other delicate items ;)

This slip in fact :)

a quick phone pic from a session the other night

I still have to finalise my packing decisions – what toys to bring – what outfits :) generally I bring one or two domestic style outfits, one rubber outfit and one leather outfit for sessions… plus the usual round of personal bits and pieces… though I do have a tendency to pack quite light on the “normal” clothes ;)

Toys – I’m thinking one or two of my favourite singletails, lochgelly tawse, favourite strap, ebony hairbrush and a couple of other small items… I’m playing at Mistress Wynter’s studio in NYC and Ms Minax’s in SF so I know they both have a vast array of fabulous toys so I don’t need to drag the kitchen sink along with me!

Posting this pic from a recent shoot also – not that I’m going to be packing this outfit I don’t think – well unless someone has a feathered hat and princess length skirt fetish they’re hoping to gratify ;) But I love the look on sub kelly’s face as he looks up at me… plus these custom Natcha Marro boots are to die for! (not that I’m a pervy boot fetishist – giggle)

I so love my leather outfits – but they are rather heavy to pack!

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