Double Sessions

by | Jun 21, 2010

Well I’ve settled back into Sydney again – and it barely seems like I was away at all! I guess that’s always the way.

mistress_jadis is gearing up for *her* travels soon… Though I was barely away for three weeks and she’ll be leaving for almost eight! She’s away from July 15th till September 4th…. she’ll be back just in time for a visit from my US Domme friend irene_boss! Which is very exciting news 🙂 we’re so looking forward to all playing together! I’ll be posting details here very soon – as Domina Irene will be available for sessions while she’s in town – but on a couple of dates only!

I’m sure people know how much I love playing with other ladies doing Double Domme sessions!

In fact over the last 12 months I’ve played with a stellar cast of fabulous Dominant women both here in Sydney and during my travels…
Domina Irene Boss in Pittsburgh
Mistress Wynter my best friend in New York
Jean Bardot the famous fetish model and rubber goddess
Mistress Trish in New York
Mistress Eve Minax a good friend in San Francisco
Mistress Serena – who’s not completely retired, or at least not when I ask her nicely
and of course my protege Mistress Jadis!
Mistress Simone of Chicago just misses out on the 12 months 😉 but she was fabulous also 😀

Funny that when I left Salon Kittys all those years ago I thought I’d not get to do many double sessions any more…

There may not be such a frequent number of double sessions as when I was a house mistress, but the quality of the international players I get to meet and beat with certainly makes up for it 😉

I think that getting to play with other experienced Dommes with very different play styles is a fantastic way for me to keep my ideas fresh and my skill set growing…