fun with couples…

by | Jul 14, 2010

I’ve had a few couples coming in to play recently – which is always fun 🙂

Mostly for “Learn and Play” sessions which is a unique experience I offer where a couple spends two hours at Carisbrook – usually about half the time with me to either learn a specific activity – or most often have an introduction to the dungeon and all the fun things I have for them to play with 😉 then they have the rest of the time by themselves to explore.

This is a very friendly and non-threatening experience, I’m not wearing fetishwear or being intimidating – just helping people think up some fun things they can do together and hopefully have them leaving thinking BDSM is fun and actually pretty easy to do! Obviously some activities require training and experience – but a lot of what people would like to explore is pretty simple and just requires a bit of confidence.

I got such a lovely thank you… “T and I had a fabulous time, so much fun and very erotic. We haven’t stopped talking about it!” Which was especially nice for me because I knew how nervous MsT was for the first few minutes.

Laughing – I don’t identify as a “female supremacist” at all – but the lady is always the Queen in my dungeon… even if she’s the sub – I put her first to make sure she’s comfortable and happy with everything that’s going on.

I know it can seem pretty intimidating for a lot of women (and men too) but I like to reassure people that they don’t have to dress up in anything special or be either a mean bitch or a lowly slavegirl just explore and have some fun together… I advise most couples to take in in turns being “in charge” so they both get to experience all the fun things.

Making erotic fun non-intimidating for everyone is also what my friends at MaXXX Black are about – it’s so nice to walk into an adult store that looks like an upscale boutique full of beautiful things instead of a dingy, sleazy dive. The staff are all friendly and sex-positive people with all the information you could ever want about all the amazing toys, books and delicious little items they have 😉 Best thing for me is that all the DVDs are in their own room – which is great for people who love that sort of kinky entertainment – but means I don’t get embarrassed looking at the box covers. (I know – hilarious but true I still blush at rude things after 10 years as a ProDomme)

Anyway – for anyone who’s not near the beautiful Newtown store – the website has been recently updated as well 🙂