fetish session fun

by | Sep 13, 2010

I’ve been a bit slack about updating lately – too busy playing and shopping I guess ;)

I’ve had some fantastic sessions – it’s always so much fun to make a strong connection with someone new… Especially when they’ve been following my adventures for a while.

This latest sub started with an overnight which is very brave of him! I used to only do extended sessions with people I’ve seen before so I could be sure that we’d get on – cause 12 hours is a long time with someone boring! But in recent times I’ve had requests from people traveling to Sydney specially and to be honest I’ve not had a bad experience… I think I’m just really good at weeding people out over the phone and making sure they know what they’re in for ;)

This session was so fun he came back again his last day in Sydney for a three hour top up! There was lots and lots of heavy restrictive bondage – super heavy cb bondage using a wide variety of ties which he brought along – and exploitation of his very intense stocking fetish! I’d try and deny that I have a stocking fetish myself but anyone who’s ever watched me put them on – or had to listen to me ramble on about Gio vs Cervin would soon know the truth ;) I’m very particular with my stockings – they have to be fully fashioned nylons – I can’t abide stay-ups or stretchy stockings with lycra in them… I think the finishing loop at the top finishes me… This sub’s particular fetish was for well warn smelly stockings – so I made sure to wear some around to ensure they didn’t just smell like nylon (though I personally love that new stocking smell).

I think my favourite moment out of the two sessions was the first hogtie – using leather arm-binders and incorporating an anal hook – the reaction when I shoved my smelly stockinged feet in his helpless face was priceless!

The second session included some corporal punishment and a visit to my sling room. Interestingly a three hour session can be as intense as an overnight – because the pacing is so very different. In an extended session there is often a lot of time in each position… which is what makes them so perfect for bondage lovers as they really get a chance to immerse in the experience.

Another fabulous fetish session recently was with a rubber fetishist who came down specially from Queensland – apparently there aren’t any ladies who do rubber sessions up there… the heat is blamed but really – the sweaty feeling is kinda hot if you’re a pervy rubberist ;) plus that’s what air conditioning is for! Mistress Adira from the Gold Coast was kind enough to recommend me to him – we’d met last year in Melbourne and have been online friends for a while… I’ll have to venture North some time and visit.

The rubber slave was interested in a range of other activities that required more skin (hehe) – so had the catsuit on for the latter half of the session – I do think the sight of it dangling in front of him as a reward helped him suffer more torments for me at the beginning of play :D

That’s one of the awesome things about intense fetishes – what the submissive is willing to go through in order to gratify their desires…

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