Fun playtimes with Mistress An Li – session photos

by | Feb 28, 2017

So the beautiful Mistress An Li has finished the vanilla side of her vacation and had found a new home-away-from-home in Carisbrook! And my goodness – have we been busy!

Our first session together was on Sunday and was a wonderful four hours of all sorts of delicious perversion with a focus on our happiness – during the negotiation I asked the slave what moments from previous sessions (he’d played before but not with me or Mistress An Li) had stuck in his memory and made him crave Female Domination. His answer was the moments when he could tell that the Mistress was really enjoying herself and having a great time. So this combined with the fact that he was already experienced in heavy corporal punishment really meant that our eyes lit up as we knew it was going to be a Very Fun Session! It was a perfect session to set us up for the week ahead as in it we played in a variety of the play zones of the dungeon so Mistress could get used to where everything was while we were bonding over bruised male flesh 😀

Before this week we’ve met at DomCon on a couple of occasions but hadn’t played together. Mistress An Li has such beautiful photographs and is known and admired for some of her sensual specialities like facesitting, toilet play and tease and denial that I was curious how our play styles would mesh in session. After the first ten minutes my curiosity was gone – while she loves to use her beauty to lure men to submit, Mistress An Li is both extremely skilled in all the facets of BDSM play we indulged in and a delightful sadist! At one point in this fabulous session we were giving the slave a heavy tandem caning and every single stroke coming from each of us was perfectly placed – those who know me know that I’m Very Particular with caning and it’s actually a lot more unusual than you would think to find someone who can give a full force caning with accuracy. I’m super happy now to have a friend in LA to whom I can refer my heavy discipline subs….

This is the kind of un-fake glee that we were sharing!

Since Sunday we’ve been busy separately and together with lots of other fun – including two of my “special girls” who were transformed, paraded around in their finery, teased and violated mercilessly!

Mistress An Li using her Makeup Artist skills to transform this sub into a sissy bride

Double strap-on trouble!

Our fabulous bride taking a sissyselfie as we taught her what was expected on her wedding night!


Mistess An Li flies back to LA on Sunday so there are very limited opportunities to see us together as the diary is filling up fast with shower sessions, pegging,tease/torture/torment, spanking, rubber fetish, bondage and all sorts of delicious perversion! Keep an eye on our social media to stay updated if you don’t have an opportunity to serve in person.