My Kinkiversary – 25 years in the Kink Community

by | Apr 16, 2018

The recent 25 year birthday of the Sydney Hellfire Club also marked my 25 year anniversary in the Kink Community – or kinkiversary! I’m sure I’ve written about this before – but I was a young university student working on the student magazine and absolutely fascinated with anything to do with FemDom or BDSM but had no idea how to find out more… going though the mail in the magazine office one day I came across an invitation to a nightclub launch – my eyes opened wide and I snatched it up saying to my co-writers “I’ll cover this one guys!”  Of course once I had an idea of where to find the other kinksters dipping a toe in the water turned into jumping in the deep end very quickly indeed! It was just so exciting to realise that there was a whole Kink Community out there that would welcome me with open arms.

Fast forward a few years of personal play and I was emailing Mistress Amanda the owner of Salon Kittys to join her team as a Professional Mistress and the rest as they say is history!

I’m not as active in attending parties and events as I was back in those early days – I remember just how amazing it was to realise that there were plenty of other people like me not just in the world – but right here in Sydney. I attended so many different play parties, munches, discussion groups, classes – pretty much anywhere where I could make contact with more kinky people – particularly other FemDoms. I think however that after so many years in the community instead of occasional party acquaintances I have close personal relationships with slaves and submissives – but also of course with my amazing FemDom friends like Mistress Jadis who I get to chat to about any and every kinky topic any time we feel like it!

I’ve always been aware of just how lucky I am to have been able to turn my passion into my profession – I am honestly still excited every day to have created this life where I get to connect with people in such a special way – and also I just really like hitting people with sticks and tying them up – let’s be honest! Plus the outfits – so much more glamorous that everyday office attire 😀

It’s always a time of year that makes me feel a bit thoughtful – thinking about the people I’ve been playing with over the years. One session a few days ago was with a sub I’ve been playing with since I was an apprentice Mistress! We’ve certainly explored a lot of different kinky fun over the years including some activities that caught our attention in years past but are not of interest any more… which is what happens and should happen – our interests and desires in kink change and grow over the years. Though some things of course never change – my need for control and my love of core activities like spanking and bondage!

And I still have a strong sense of being a part of the wider Kink Community – especially as part of the International FemDom world. I’m so excited to be traveling to the United States again in a few weeks to attend DomCon in LA and get to spend time with some of my very dear friends. There are always new things to learn and of course new toys to buy!