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Sluts and politics…

Well I’ve been having some great fun recently – I’d been thinking that I hadn’t had a chance to play with any slutty “girls” lately and then I get a couple of cross-dressing sessions in a row! So much fun… my first was so cute wearing corset, thigh-high boots (size 12!), blonde curly wig with…


I had a session at midday today – the strange thing was that he confirmed at 9am! It was amazing that I even answered the phone – I usually don’t turn it on until about 10… **shakes head** anyway, a spanking session with me wearing my lovely navy suit. I’ve owned that particular suit for…


What’s in the box?

Well I went and picked the box up from the post office the other day… what was in the box? A present from my friend Mistress Arika! She sent me some beautiful traditional hemp rope! Oooh – it smells fantastic… mmmm – hemp rope…. I’ll have to put it to some good use with more…


All’s well….

Well I’m a lot less stressed than the other day I must say… Everything went well with the owner’s inspection – she really was just interested in the cracks and the doors that stick – didn’t even blink at my “studio”… though I must say that the head real estate lady winked! Still I’ve been…


Busy busy

I’ve had a busy couple of days – and some laziness as well! I went to a friend’s party on Saturday night – amazing, going out two nights in a row 🙂 very fun party, caught up with lots of people I only ever seem to see at parties and a few newer people I…


trampling and Hellfire

I had my first session back from holidays yesterday – I was wondering if I would remember what to do hehehehehe it was very fun, 2 hours of trampling, boot worship, stocking foot worship and some other good things. Plus I finally made it out to Hellfire – and had a lot of fun! Lots…


Multifarious balls…

Why hello there!

All back and sitting up wearing my pink flannelette pyjamas with white fake fur trim… I have to say that makes a big change from the cossie and sarong I’ve been living in for the last eight days 🙁

I had a horror trip back – well not all that horrible really, but I actually got a bit of an anxiety thing on the plane – I’m not afraid of flying and I’m fine during the day, it’s just the overnight bit… I can’t sleep on planes and once all the lights go out I get a bit stir crazy, wriggle madly and start feeling rather trapped (shudder) – next time I fly I’m going to get a sleeping pill script beforehand.

I have to say that a long (I had 6 hours) stopover in Singapore is very dangerous! I think I spent more money per hour in Singapore than I did per day in Thailand… I bought some new perfume for me, some for a friend who’s birthday is coming up, some Chanel makeup, some Mac makeup, a pedometer, a new TENS machine (almost the same as the one I used to use at SK), some sunglasses, some Calvin underwear, alcohol, a couple of books, goodness knows what else… why they sell TENS machines at the airport in Singapore I will never know – but it was a lot cheaper than the same unit in Sydney 🙂

Anyway – then went to bed as soon as I got home, slept for hours and hours and am now awake!

Why the title you ask?

That is what a sign on a little noodle cart said – I think that meant he had different sorts of fish balls to put in the soup, but it certainly made me laugh!


In Thailand!

Yay – well I’ve had a fantastic day so far… everything is great 😀 The resort is nice – not super flash by any means… but what we wanted. Room comfy, with bath and so on… we had room service last night, which was yummy then woke this morning quite early. Breakfast and an explore…