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fun fun fun

Heavy sessions are a lot easier really than light sessions! Today I had a three hour session of mostly heavy rope bondage – restrictive hogtie, latex vac bed, suspension, heavy horizontal position at the end and then piercing! Very fun… and the time flew… It was also a heavy latex session – the sub brought…


Good things

Okay – well I’ll start with the good things first… I had a couple of very fun sessions yesterday – the last one was with a slave I’ve seen a couple of times before, he’s very sweet – and very submissive (in session) I did some lovely bondage and basically had an awful lot of…


meme thing

1: Grab the book nearest to you, turn to page 18, find line 4. Write down what it says: “days, you know – not often, but often enough,’ she rattled. ” 2: Stretch your left arm out as far as you can. What do you touch first? the window. 3: What is the last thing…


Fantastic weekend!

Well I have had such a great weekend… starting on Friday night when I went to Otto with Mistress Arika… Yesterday was the Japanese Bondage Masterclass. Mistress Arika taught a small group of very lucky bondage enthusiasts several positions and a bit about the traditions of Japanese rope bondage. Now I know I’ve said how…


A lovely day and dinner!

I had such a great day today! Mistress Arika had a session this morning, and then we went to Newtown to have lunch and a good look at Reactor Rubber – apparently latex is very expensive in Japan – so I suspect Mistress Arika may be in later to do some serious shopping! Then a…


Welcome to Mistress Arika!

Mistress Arika arrived today from Japan and had her first session at Underworld! It was great to see her again – she’s so sweet and gorgeous! I’m really looking forward to the Bondage Masterclass she’s going to be running and, the Double Domme session we have booked together. Of course if any other brave subs…



My back’s a bit sore today – shame my car’s still at the mechanic, the massage therapist I see is over the other side of town… But – at least I’m a god – or rather goddess! You are a GRAMMAR GOD!

A busy start to the week!

Okay – well I’m well overdue for an update! Monday was a very fun day – I spent from 1pm till after midnight with mssslut and we got up to a lot of mischief! Extended sessions are so much fun – and each is always very different… I think he’s going to write a review…