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new pic happiness

Hey – check out my new user pic! Many thanks to serpentine_kiss for making it for me! hehehehe – I always rather liked the pink panther… You’re the Pink Panther. Suave and sophisticated,you enjoy your superiority and your naturalgrace. Though to some, this attitude makes youappear arrogant, most people are attracted byit rather than turned…


Photo shoot

Well I had a very creative fun day with mistressquinn in her switchy guise as Miss harley being my bondage model in a photo shoot with the very talented serpentine_kiss Check out her lj for a couple of pics… We did some in the schoolroom – some of which look great… Then – into the…


Bugpowder dust….

Well I didn’t get to Hellfire again! I had a two hour heavy bondage session last night – and used the latex vacbed – it’s fantastic!! Anyway, when I finished it was too late to go early and I remembered there was a pest spray man coming (to the house not the dungeon) this morning…arrghh…


Feet first!

Well I finally went to the podiatrist again today, which I’ve been meaning to for ages – sometimes I’m not so good at taking care of myself… This was partially motivated by having a foot slave coming to see me this afternoon – but he hasn’t confirmed so I guess won’t be visiting my newly…


Phew – that was a busy day!

Well I had a very busy day yesterday… I’ve been sworn to secrecy about my first session, but let me just say this – the albatross sketch from Monty Python will never be the same again! “Albatross… aaallllbbbaaatroossss” hehehehe Then mistressquinn was in having a lot of fun I suspect – her good friend Mistress…


Busy day on not much sleep!

How hot was it last night! I couldn’t sleep – so I got up at about one and lay on the floating lounge-chair in the pool for a while enjoying the breeze and looking at the stars… very nice and a change from tossing and turning 🙂 After a while the water was too tempting,…



You are thee who shall not be named.. the FemaleCenobite. You’re truly vicious and bloodythirsty, with only one thing in mind: pain. Infact, you’re so intent on your purposes, evenyour master has a hard time controlling you.Whoa there, sparky. Why don’t you take five? Which Cenobite are you? (includes pictures) brought to you by Quizilla

No rest for the wicked ;)

What a busy day! I’m happy but tired… Three sessions – all different and all fun. First was humiliation and forced-bi. Then I went in to Newtown for a coffee and a tiny browse – riiiinnngg – someone wanted to come and see me. Next – so much fun, slutty cross-dressing (in the very very…