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Still no puter

Well Apple are being bastards and trying to say that it’s my fault that the ethernet port has come adrift from the logic board (meaning I need a whole new logic board) – this is the second time that this has happened! I think that the ethernet port just isn’t robust enough to cope with…


Oooh – new friends!

Goodness, I leave my journal for a few days and all of a sudden people are adding me as friends – cool! Yay – waves to friends…. Okay – gotta go do stuff, visit bank, go to Radical and pick up new things – haha you don’t know what they are! (actually nothing all *that*…


another dodgy internet cafe

Well I’m still officially offline at home – but apparently my poota has progressed to the front of the queue and will be looked at today or tomorrow – which still isn’t making it fixed! Bah I say! Should be in tomorrow – which is great! I will have to have a dungeon-warming party –…


More puter problems

My poor little puter is at the “doctor’s” again… So not much in the way of updates I’m afraid. In news I’ve ordered some cool things from The Stockroom – gotta be happy about the dollar being up to $US0.73!!! Trying to be restrained in my spurgeing – apparently I don’t need “every” implement on…


We have donuts!

Well – we have achieved Krispy Kreme!

I had a booking this morning, then jumped into the car and drove to Liverpool in search of donuts! A quick detour to Westfield – the Liverpool Grace Brothers reminds me of the one at Bondi Junction circa 1989 – but the Chanel counter is my friend and I did get a tiny update for my makeup bag!

Then we headed to the “other” Liverpool Mall and bought 2 dozen evil evil donuts!

mmmm – donuts – in the immortal words of Homer Simpson!

Hey – there’s also a designer outlet – I got a cool pair of DKNY sneakers for $49! There were lots of good Ben Sherman shirts and Royals and all sorts of stuff….

Liverpool’s not so bad – 30 minutes down the M5 and it has Chanel makeup, Krispy Kreme and discount Royals!

D’oh! (more homer – oh dear, did I eat one donut too many???)

I foolishly took a booking for this evening when Survivor was on… I’m going to watch it tomorrow, so no one tell me who got voted off! (fun session though – heavy cb-bondage)

and back in quizland…


Greek grandmothers

What is it about Greek grandmothers? Two GG incidents in two days… Firstly – a whole gaggle of them were involved in some way with a car that had broken down so close behind me that I couldn’t back out… okay I said – put it in neutral and I will push it back so…



you are darkviolet#9400D3 Your dominant hues are blue and magenta. You’re the one who goes to all the parties but doesn’t quite fit in at every one… you know what you want, but are afraid of what the world might think of it. You’re a little different and that’s okay with them, and if you’re…